Spring Onion

Supper Onion.
Packing 2¼ ~ 2½ kg carton, 20 bags x 4 pieces. Length 24cm, Size 22 ~ 55mm.


Standard Onion
Packing 2 ~ 2½ kg carton, 14 bags x 3 pieces. Length 30cm, Size 25 ~ 30mm.

Supermarket Onion
Packing 6½ ~ 7 kg plastic basket, 60 bags x 110g, or 50 bags x 120g, Length 24cm, Size 15 ~ 20mm

Availability Month
Second half of December to end of February



Bound to be great for health.
Used as the traditional medicine for China for a long time.
Rich in various vitamins (A,C,K,B2,THIAMIN) ,,good source of sulphar,copper,phosphorous,magnesium ,…and many others.
Essential for healthy vital life.
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